A Miracle Every Day

People everywhere are looking for encouragement and hope – especially in the dark days so many have been facing. Through A Miracle Every Day, almost a million people receive daily encouragement from God’s Word. They have truth to live by. A Miracle Every Day is in 14 different languages and reaches people in every country with a message of God’s love. And thousands of new readers subscribe to A Miracle Every Day each week. 

In addition, a prayer team over 10,000 strong receives and lifts up the prayer requests readers submit. And each week, a live interactive video session answers questions from readers about what God’s Word says.

You can be a vital part of this movement, helping more people receive a spiritual message that gives the encouragement and hope they need. Your gift today will make it possible for A Miracle Every Day to add more subscribers and reach more people in new languages and places where God’s Word is not easily accessible.

Our mission

It is our mission to help ministries that have real impact to grow and mature. As 10talent we are fully involved in the projects and help the ministries to sharpen the vision, to strengthen the execution and to become sustainable