Crucial elements

In we are having the essential elements. We need to be working on innovation, we need good content, We want to reach people directly and we want to train our worldwide local partners to use the tools and knowledge that we have together. Those will always stay pillars in

As a foundation we built on a spiritual growth methode. It is our calling to help people to take one step closer to Jesus every day. And because we want to be good stewards we facilitate all the partners with a good infrastructure. And last but not least, we believe in the power of the network. We take specific time to serve the movement, grow an army of prayer warriors and grow people inside

Putting the people first

These are all means to support the goals we have. Our main goal is to reach searching people with the Gospel and help them grow. Secular organizations would say: “The user journey”. We want to look at all people in the process as human beings. Not just as users of tools. Every person is loved by God and Jesus gave His life for each of them. Our focus is the “People journey”.

Stepping Stones

When started we knew that it is a journey of people and we realize that we need to offer different pathways to people to get to know Jesus and to grow in their faith. It’s not one size fits all. It’s a journey. A journey through the Stepping Stones.

For the coming year, we defined some new priorities to bring to the next level and put the People first!

Direction coming 3 years: Focus on our core competencies and specializing

We know after the last years of growth we need to focus. In order to make the right steps forward, we need to focus on our USP’s and specialize ourselves. The faith journey is the essence of what we do. In order to do this, we want to be the best in:

  • Connecting to the needs of the people searching online and leading them to a place in Jesus.netwhere we can connect them to spiritual content. This always leads to a call to action to connect with the people personally. needs to be the specialist in converting searching people into “known people”!
  • Growing “known people” in their faith and involvement of When people have become a “known contact” we want to lead them into an ongoing journey to grow in their faith and to become involved in wants to be the specialist in maintaining the relationship and growing the people in their faith. 
  • Spiritual growth. In order to facilitate this journey of people, we need to be specialists in spiritual growth and the technology to be able to deliver personalized content on a high level.

In order to do this we 

  • need to have the knowledge of how to use platforms and tools that are critical and know how to use the best content. Platform/tool, content, and strategy create a stepping stone.
  • need to be able to identify the best fitting content for the searchers (by using existing or new content).
  • need to be sustainable financially and organization wise (financial health and create a new leadership model).
  • need to create a complete package for partners to start, implement, and become sustainable. In this way we want to create partnerships with other organizations to (1) have more impact, (2) to become financially healthier, (3) to have more content to use, and/or (4) to get into connection with more people. For being able to do this we need a good working model in English and Dutch.

Our mission

It is our mission to help ministries that have real impact to grow and mature. As 10talent we are fully involved in the projects and help the ministries to sharpen the vision, to strengthen the execution and to become sustainable