The Life of Jesus

As we received the movie The Life of Jesus in 2016. We started to manage the movie, create the YouTube structure for the movie (and other videos in and we organised the translations. God has blessed our efforts and we have seen a huge growth in people viewing the movie online and subscribing to the channel.

We did some experiments in the last years to expand this effort and convert people to next steps. We also started to use the movie in YouVersion with reading plans, we are using the movie in other online platforms (Amazon, Tubi etc), etc. We see that LOJ is fitting strongly in the vision of

In 2018 the Jesus film organisation took over the ownership of the movie, but wanted to keep lead the LOJ project. In 2021 we extended the partnership with the Jesus Film Project about the next steps with the movie LOJ, because the movie fits both Jesus film and‘s vision.

Therefore we aligned the visions and started to think about the coming 5 years. Based on our common goals we created a strategy to grow the impact with LOJ in 12 countries in Asia. Of course we will also stay on top of the other languages we are active in.


For the first year we have gone into some more details to distinguish the consequences for 2021. The main focus for the coming period is to implement LOJ in the strategy in a complete way.

We want to build this in a country with the relevant languages and with a local partner. It is critical that the local partner can run the tools (YouTube, LandingPages, Language Portal, AMED, course etc) themselves at the end. We train and help them. The elements:

  • Position all elements of the movie (Full movie, episodes of 25 minutes and segments of 4 minutes) on Youtube (added with other video content we have (like Sandytales)
  • Every clip should have CTA’s to next steps
  • In each language we will have a Language portal (minimum version at least) to lead the CTA to. 
  • For this we can use the 49 devotionals that are made for this.
  • On the pages we will invite people to subscribe to AMED in that language
  • We also have some courses (2 at least) about LOJ to invite people in
  • We also have created reading plans for LOJ (10 (?) reading plans that can be used in YouVersion and lead people to AMED in that language.
  • Respond to all comments in a smart way and lead people to next steps. (using tools as Tube Buddy)
  • Use Social media and built a good strategy with the video’s and the content, including a well working call to action strategy.

Our mission

It is our mission to help ministries that have real impact to grow and mature. As 10talent we are fully involved in the projects and help the ministries to sharpen the vision, to strengthen the execution and to become sustainable